As a child, Dr. Patrice Baptiste always dreamt of qualifying as a medical doctor. After years of hard work, continued dedication and perseverance she qualified in 2013 from University College London (UCL).

Due to the challenges surmounted trying to achieve her dream, Dr. Baptiste uses her experiences to show others that a dream is never too big, or unattainable. Through sharing her story she aims to inspire, empower, support and encourage as many people as possible.

Success in Applying to Medical School
Success in Applying to Medical School
Do you Really Know What a Doctor Does?
Do you Really Know What a Doctor Does?
Medical School Application Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews


Despite a number of existing organisations and widening participation schemes run by universities there still remains a marked disparity in the number of students from disadvantaged and Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) backgrounds, (especially Black Caribbean students) studying at highly selective or (Russell Group universities) and in top professions such as Medicine, Law, Journalism and Politics, especially at the upper echelons.

I work with a number of students and in doing so I have come across various issues:

1. A lack of understanding

I often ask students “Do you know what a doctor does?” The responses I often get are “doctors cure people” or “doctors diagnose and treat patients”. Whilst this is true to an extent there is so much more to our job or vocation. The students are not aware of what doctors do on a daily basis and they do not fully understand the workings of the NHS. When selecting a career it is imperative that students make informed decisions.

2. A challenging application process

So, you know you want to become a doctor but how do you actually get there? Applying to medical school can be daunting especially where there is so much you have to do in order to fulfill the desired criteria.  One of the issues is organising work experience which can be incredibly hard to secure.

3. Not enough guidance and support

Again, there is so much to do when preparing to apply to medical school and often students may not have the guidance needed. They may not have the vital contacts to help them secure that coveted place at medical school.  Furthermore, some schools have careers advisers and co-ordinators but of course there is a limit to what they will know about the professions students may be interested in.

As a result I have designed three courses to help students successfully apply to medical school and understand Medicine more as a career.

In addition to the existing courses my team and I are also working on courses for the BMAT and UKCAT preparation along with the Oxbridge application and interview. We also provide professional services which are tailored to the individual needs of the student.




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