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DreamSmartTutors & Simpatico Roleplay Agency Present CSA 1-2-1 Revision Sessions

Formed in 2002, Simpatico Roleplay Agency Ltd has a long record of delivering medical role play of the highest quality and providing first-class training course services. They work with a team of highly experienced role players trained in the CSA model. Together we are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to take part in a CSA 1-2-1 revision session in London, with a working GP and a professional role-player undertaking appropriate cases.

  • Patients with demanding issues
  • Patients with multiple problems
  • Patients who just want to talk
  • Breaking bad news and more…

Six cases with structured feedback in line with the domains used by the RCGP: Data Gathering, Clinical Management, Interpersonal Skills


This will benefit ST3 trainees who are approaching their exam. It is also useful for other trainees who want to prepare early.

What is included:

  • An experienced Simulated Patient/Facilitator (SPF) trained for the CSA.
  • A male or female actor can be requested depending on your learning needs.
  • An observer who will act as an examiner. This will be a practicing GP who has sat the CSA.
  • Role plays that focus on areas you need to further improve on, for example sexual health.
  • Detailed, personalised written and verbal feedback with a score if requested (N.B. this is an approximation of performance and does not guarantee the same score on the day the CSA is sat).
  • Recording- in an audio/visual capacity- for your personal use to review again and share with your trainer or colleagues if needed.
  • Both the observer and SPF will travel to your home (there is no extra cost to yourself) or GP surgery.
  • The session can work with up to three trainees and involve six, ten minute role plays.


How much will it cost?

  • At a central London venue
  • Total Price: £312 a session
  • Session can include up to three people making it only £104 each!


I was recommended the private 1-2-1 sessions with an actor by a colleague who used them in the past. I was especially interested because of the use of an actor and the number of role plays I could do within the time. Apart from a CSA course and one session with my VTS group I had not had much experience with actors for the CSA. I was also keen to sign up because the actor would travel to my home and allowed me to record the scenarios we acted out. I feel that 1-2-1 sessions with an actor is so important because we are doctors not actors; I noticed a stark difference every time I would role play with a colleague in comparison to an actor. I booked the 1-2-1 sessions twice, with a male and female actor which definitely helped me pass the CSA!

Dr. Patrice Baptiste
Dr. Patrice Baptiste

Completed GP training July 2019

Dr Patrice Baptiste Founder - Dream Smart Tutors


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