"My message is simple: ‘Dream Big’- have a dream, dreaming whatever you like. Anything is possible and I am living proof of that. But, make sure you also ‘Think Smart’- be realistic about your goal and your plan for how you will make it , because you WILL make it!"

Ever since I can remember I have always dreamt of qualifying as a doctor. I studied at a comprehensive school and then successfully completed my medical degree at University College London (UCL). Currently I work as a General Practitioner (GP) in London and write for GP online. I continue to work closely with all students but especially students who want to enter into the medical field. I am a School SpeakerSTEM ambassador and work closely with the National Citizen’s Service (NCS). I also have four years experience working as a Director Appointee and Foundation Governor at a primary and secondary school respectively.

For my achievements thus far with DreamSmartTutors I was selected as one of three finalists in the Rising Star STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category at the 2016 Black British Business Awards and one of four finalists at the 2016 Precious Awards. During 2017 I won a LiftEffects STAR Award, and I was a finalist at the WeAreTheCity Rising Star Awards and the National Diversity Awards.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and I am passionate about education. During my time at UCL I undertook an intercalated BSc in Speech Science and Communication where I learnt about language and communication in more depth. I also achieved a teaching qualification during my time at UCL. Continuing to improve my skills with regards to teaching is crucial to my development as a doctor; I am always seeking new ways to improve and update my knowledge. I personally design and oversee the development of all course materials and content at DreamSmartTutors.

Being relatable and tailoring language and teaching methods for students of differing abilities is fundamental to the work I do at DreamSmartTutors and to the students’ success.

So vivid in my mind is the lack of connections, support and guidance I had when I was applying to medical school in comparison to more privileged students means that I do my utmost best to ensure students in a similar position have the support they need.

I often go into schools to work with students because I would have loved it if a doctor walked into my school and told me about their career and what it was really like to be a doctor. I did a lot of research into medicine but looking back at my younger self I still did not truly understand or appreciate the challenging nature of this profession. How could I? Sometimes, the only way to appreciate if a career is for you is by doing it!

Schools regularly express to me how difficult it can be finding and connecting doctors with their students. Doctors are indeed busy but at DreamSmartTutors we aim to connect doctors and medical students with more schools so that students can gain a better understanding about life as a doctor.

Dr Patrice Baptiste




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