Careers day workshop at the Royal Society of Medicine

22 March 2019
22 March 2019 Dr. P. Baptiste

by Linda Mao – Course Facilitator for DreamSmartTutors

What did the psychiatrist, the infectious diseases specialist, the emergency medicine doctor and the space doctor say to a room of eager-eared secondary school students, hoping to gain an insight into a medical career? Well, a lot of things! They were all at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 25th of February, as part of the annual RSM Careers Day. DreamSmartTutors had the privilege of working with the RSM to deliver two breakout sessions, including a panel discussion that gave students the opportunity to ask seasoned medics about their careers and life choices (and gain very honest answers in return). Questions were varied, from the standard “what’s a typical day for you?” (resulting in very different answers from each panel member), to the dramatic “how do you cope with people dying?”. The aim was for students to leave the session with a much more honest idea of what being a doctor means, and with realistic expectations of the highs and lows of the career and training.

Running alongside the panel discussion was a more practical session, the Clinical Circuit. The circuit consisted of three stations led by our excellent tutors – a collection of medical students and junior doctors. Who better to dispense sage advice on coping with medical school, and to impart knowledge on key skills every doctor (and doctor-to-be) needs to have. Students learned the importance of monitoring vital signs (and how to do it), the basics of how to decipher a chest radiograph, and why we tap on people’s chests when we do a clinical examination (we’re not just poking patients for fun, promise!).

Teaching and sharing experiences are an integral part of developing as a clinician. Not only was the day great for the students who attended, but our tutors and speakers also had the chance to reflect on how far they had come. Most of them engage in a lot of peer teaching, but being able to inspire and help prepare students who are interested in following in their footsteps is incredibly rewarding, and they all did an outstanding job.

DreamSmartTutors would like to thank the RSM for giving us the opportunity to work with them, and to deliver these careers sessions. We hope the students that attended found it helpful, and had as good a time as our tutors and speakers!

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