Essential information pre-med students need to get into medical school

28 October 2019 Dr. P. Baptiste

Are you thinking about applying to med school? Are you unsure about the best way to get into medical school and how to become a doctor? If yes, then we can help you through this confusing and sometimes stressful process. We will explore the essential information that all pre-med students need to know to get into medical school and we’ll share some helpful tips along the way.

Work experience

A huge part of getting into med school is based upon what you do out of the classroom. When looking for ways to get into medicine it’s important to know that universities will look carefully at your past work experience and in particular, work experience that is related to the medical and health care sectors. So make sure that your work experience is based in a hospital, care home or GP practice.

Hobbies in the community

One huge tip to help you get into medical school is that you should have lots of hobbies and be involved in your local community. They want to see a great all-rounder, a person who cares about people, their community and who is able to muck in and give back.

Interview technique

Although you may have the right grades and tick all the boxes on paper, you also need to portray your personality and enthusiasm for becoming a doctor during the interview process. This can be difficult if you have never had an interview before. So be sure to get some practice with role play and mock interviews.

If you want tailored expert advice to help you get into medical school and tips on how to become a medical student, then our Success in applying to medical school course is for you. To learn more about this course and our other courses, then please do get in touch with us today.




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