Getting into med school with BMAT and UCAT courses

7 December 2019 Dr. P. Baptiste

If you’re currently in the process of researching ways to get into med school, or how to become a doctor, it’s highly likely you’ll have come across the terms UCAT and BMAT.

UCAT and BMAT are both aptitude tests, which medical schools across the UK use to assess applicants to medical courses – UCAT stands for the University Clinical Aptitude Test, while BMAT stands for the BioMedical Admissions Test.

The tests and how they are applied vary from school to school. The vast majority of medical course applicants will have to sit the UCAT, as this course is the most widely used by medical schools in the UK, but some applicants may have to sit both the UCAT and the BMAT.

For those wondering how to become a medical student, it is vital that due time and consideration is given to preparing for these aptitude tests. Having the motivation and resources to prepare for the UCAT and BMAT exams independently can be challenging, particularly as most people tend to have to do so over the summer holidays.

Many budding students trying to get into medical school hugely benefit from third-party tutoring in the run-up to their UCAT and BMAT examinations.

At Dream Smart Tutors, we offer a variety of options for those looking for ways to get into medicine, from comprehensive courses which will help consolidate you knowledge and technique over a number of days to private tuition tailored to your learning needs. Our courses, (like our private tuition services) also come with online support such as through webinars.

Learn more about the best way to get into medicine by visiting our BMAT and UCAT course page.




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