How to become a doctor: passing the BMAT

20 January 2020
20 January 2020 Dr. P. Baptiste

If your childhood dream has always been to change lives by becoming a doctor, you are probably now wondering how to get into medical school to actualise this vision. The best route for you to join a medical school is through passing the biomedical admissions test (BMAT). It is challenging, but with the right tutoring, you can make it.

What should you know about the basics of BMAT?

Note that BMAT is a critical step for you to become a doctor. If you’re thinking of pursuing a degree in medicine, including dentistry, biomedical science, or veterinary, you will have to sit the BMAT. Start by finding out which universities will require you to sit the BMAT when applying. Universities such as Keele, Lancaster, Leeds School of Medicine and the University of Cambridge, to name a few, require it. Some international schools in Thailand, Spain, and Singapore will also ask you to sit it.

The BMAT test covers three sections, all of which you must undertake. These are:

• Aptitude & skills: Problem-solving, understanding arguments, and data analysis & inference.
• Scientific knowledge & application: Chemistry, biology and physics.
• A writing task

What services can you get with BMAT training?

You will need to take Kaplan courses to prepare for the BMAT test. Kaplan focuses on raising your scores, therefore starting your journey towards getting into medical school. Here is what you can expect from BMAT preparation:

· 2-day BMAT classroom course
· Online and private tutoring
· Six full-length private tests
· A strategy book
· Essay review services with the option of 6 draft essays
· Access to the online study centre and the Future Doctors channel
· Ongoing teacher support until the day you take the test
· Preparation sessions using targeted practice

Contact us today for more advice on getting into med school.

Passing the BMAT is one of the surefire ways to get into medicine. You may, however, need some help. At DreamSmartTutors, our tutors undergo thorough training to ensure they have the relevant expertise to guide you through the journey. Every one of our tutors are experienced in sitting the BMAT test. Contact us and let our team of professionals help you throughout the process.




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