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Mastering the Interview Process
Medical School Interviews

14+ | London

So, you’ve received an offer from the university or universities of your choice and have been invited for an interview, congratulations!

You may be feeling excited, overwhelmed and nervous all at the same time. Or, you have submitted your application, feel fairly confident and want to prepare for the next step.

We know how scary it can be receiving an interview invitation but not knowing what to expect or if you will say something you will regret and mess it all up.

Through our interview practice courses we have supported students to tackle the next stage of their application with confidence and positivity. Understanding the interview process and practicing extensively really is the only way to ensure you succeed. Building your confidence and experience of a variety of questions and scenarios is what we focus on. We help you to enhance your strengths and work on your weaknesses which will make you the best candidate you can be, significantly improve your chances of success.


By attending this course you will:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the different types of medical school interview processes
  • Improve your communication and confidence by interacting with experienced doctors (and medical students)
  • Participate in a significant amount of interview practice to tackle common and difficult questions that you could encounter on the day of your interview
  • Hear personal stories, useful tips, and network with relatable professionals which will place YOU at an advantage!
  • Know how to construct a clear plan of the next steps needed to achieve interview and career success
  • You will be awarded with a certificate of attendance after completion of the course.

Our interviewers will be:

  • Doctors at various stages of their training, (junior doctors) plus doctors who have completed their training (GPs and consultants). They will have a wealth of experience assessing, examining and interviewing students.
  • Medical students who have recently been through the application process and have had several medical school offers.


Face to face course:

  • At a central London venue
  • The course will be held over four weeks, one hour per session (total of four hours)
  • Total price: £250


  • Online
  • The course will be held over four weeks, one hour per session (total of four hours)
  • Total price: £100


The entire interview experience was great and very insightful. It helped me to learn how to behave in an interview. I also gained confidence and the knowledge needed in the future. I would recommend this interview practice to everyone.


Year 12 student and course attendee 2018

The interviews were extremely useful in providing me with more information about the process itself and the way I should be answering questions. The feedback I got will be applicable to my future and I am grateful for the experience.


Year 12 student and course attendee 2018



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Although our courses are designed to guide and support you through the medical school application process and therefore increase your chances of securing a place, we cannot guarantee that you will be offered a place at medical school.




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