The privacy policy detailed below (with our Terms and Conditions) outlines how your personal data will be used by us at DreamSmartTutors. All personal information will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. By visiting are agreeing to the measures outlined below.


DreamSmartTutors use your data to market our products to you, improve our services and for necessary security purposes. We will always comply with the relevant legislation. The current data we hold includes information you provide with us with, information collected by us and from other sources.

You have the right to:

  1. Unsubscribe from our mailing list
  2. Withdraw your consent for us to hold your data
  3. Request for us to: adjust, remove and restrict the use of your data, (see later).

Please email [email protected]if you would like to exercise your rights as detailed above.

Our website is designed to use cookies. However, you can always block cookies via your website browser settings. For more information please refer to our cookie policy.

Information We Collect and Process

  1. Information provided by you:
    1. When you purchase our services (for example a course) we keep the information you provide. This includes information such as: your name and contact details such as an email address.
  1. Information collected by us:
    1. Our website automatically stores information through the use of cookies. This information includes: the IP address, location and how you utilise our website. This ultimately helps improve the website whilst simultaneously improving your experience with the website. Any information you post on our website, for example in the comments sections will be stored if necessary. This is in addition to any feedback you may email us.
  1. Information from other sources:
    1. We may receive information from a third party when someone purchases our services on your behalf.

Using Your Data

We are allowed to use your data in the following circumstances:

  1. Information provided by you:
    1. To satisfy the terms and conditions of any contract we have with you.
    2. When you make a purchase we use your information in the following ways:
      1. For communication purposes.
      2. To inform you of our products, services and any changes to them.
      3. In order to complete a payment.
    3. When you provide your consent:
      1. We will always inform you of the need to use your data for the above and other purposes. As previously stated you can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us at [email protected].
  1. Information collected by usor a legitimate interest- a commercial or business reason to use your data. This includes abiding by the law and satisfying our legal and contractual duties:
    1. Identifying and informing you of any of our services that apply to you and we think you might be interested in.
    2. Improving our website and services.
    3. Monitoring our website and social media platforms.
    4. Using information such as your comments to contact you and improve our services.
  1. Information from other sources:This information in addition to the information you provide us with will be used as detailed above.
  1. In order to abide by the law:
    1. If necessary we use other organisations to:
      1. Check the genuine nature of any credit or debit cards used to pay for our services.
      2. Monitor emails and correspondence through our website.
      3. Investigate and report crimes if required to do so by the law.

Sharing Your data

Data is shared when necessary to enable:

  1. Secure payments to be made via our website: This occurs when you purchase an online session or book a course through our website.
  2. Adequate security online: We use adequate and up to date security features to ensure your information is safe. Although we do our best to ensure secure transmission of your information, the very nature of the internet means that this cannot be completely guaranteed.
  3. Website development and maintenance: In some cases your information may be used to enable the secure and adequate functioning of our website and email address.
  4. Prevention and detection of various crimes. Information will be disclosed if required by the law.

We will never sell your data.

Storing Your data

We keep your data secure in order to use your data as detailed above. When you provide us with your consent you are agreeing to the use, processing and storage of your data by DreamSmartTutors.

If you unsubscribe from our mailing lists we will also keep a record to ensure we do not send you any further correspondence and information in the future.

We also retain the right to store your data for longer if for any reason we cannot delete it- this may be due to regulations, the law or any other reason not foreseen at the time you provided your consent. By providing us with your data and consent you agree to this.

What Your Rights Are

You can always ask us in writing to the email address supplied above for a copy of your information, for any of your information to be adjusted- i.e. corrections to be made. Your data will also be deleted at your request. You also retain the right to constrain the use of, or oppose the processing of your information. As above if we cannot delete your information for the reasons already outlined above or if we need to use your information for a legal or statutory reason then this does not apply. The Data Protection Act 1998 enables you to request any information held about you. Therefore, any requests must be made in writing to [email protected]and a fee of £5 will be applied in order to meet the costs of releasing this information to you.

Privacy Policy Changes

This policy may be updated and we will notify you by email if deemed necessary. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check our privacy policy page.


For any enquiries or further information please send an email to [email protected]




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