At DreamSmartTutors we welcome opportunities to work with other companies and organisations. Below are some of the ways we can work with your organisation.


Delivering courses and professional services for your school, company or organisation

We offer courses and professional services which are designed to help students make sense of the medical career pathway and learn more about the real life challenges of studying medicine. We have worked with a number of organisations from companies to schools in order to deliver educational, fun and inspiring content.

We always work with our clients to ensure our content is tailored to the specific needs of the students.


Below are a number of ways you can sponsor us:

  • Sponsoring us: 
    • Providing a venue to deliver courses and professional services
    • Financially to cover the costs of travel for our speakers, lunch and other expenses
    • Connecting us with doctors and medical students to help deliver our courses
    • Advertising our courses and services on your social media and website
    • We are always open to other ideas!
  • In return:
    • We can advertise your publications (for example getting into medical school books and magazines), courses and services on our website, our courses and any events we attend where we exhibit or deliver talks.
    • We can promote the above on our social media pages
    • Again, we are open to discussing further ideas and opportunities!

If you want to have a discussion please complete our contact form here or email us at [email protected]




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